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In 2016, the two designers left Paris for Los Angeles where they created the brand in the midst of a world of sport and music. Pioneers of street-style 2.0 and OVERSIZE CHIC CHMPS?! PARISSE is the Parisian brand that scratches. Or the Parisian brand that marks. CHMPS?! PARISSE is a state of mind before being a brand. The name is inspired by the Avenue des Champs Elysées which is the most beautiful avenue in the world. And the English phonetics of the city of Paris, capital of fashion.

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Stéphane Thakid is the creative. As a child, he spent his Wednesday afternoons in the offices of Ralph Lauren where his mother worked. He drew, listened, learned. Endowed with an innate vision of fashion and the silhouette, he draws his inspiration from the architecture of the city, he attaches great importance to the colors and shapes of clothing. Where you see a monument, he sees a garment. At a very young age, he was sought out by artists and top athletes for his relevant gaze and assured style.


Abdel Pom is the duo's businessman. Intuitive, he was able to develop the brand with indisputable talent. Recognized, surrounded, he knows how to share his energy and his solar management with over-motivated teams. He perfectly accompanied the creation of the brand on the networks. Today, his ambition is to make CHMPS one of the most prominent brands in French and international fashion.

We look like. We resemble our differences, our starting point, our childhood. We resemble what we feel, understand, love, welcome, offer. We look alike because our life is in front of us. We look alike because we want to conquer it, win it, cherish it. We look alike because our birth made us unique. Because to look alike is to look like no one else. We created CHMPS ?! PARISISSSE to make you look like you.

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THE STYLE AND VALUES of the brand With CHMPS?! PARISSE, clothing chooses you and makes you a little more than you. CHMPS?! PARISSE helps you reveal yourself. CHMPS?! PARISSE mixes a sophisticated DNA with a street influence. The cuts are ample, but keep structured lines that flatter the silhouette. CHMPS?! PARISSE dresses you and reveals you. With chic Oversize cuts, you access another dimension, another energy, you are YOU and A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU

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