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Inna Aldushenkova, a slav with a parisian heart, lunched her brand for all the lovers, who love fashion and the beautiful stories that are rewritten every day. Leaving her native land, Inna falls in love with France, then Italy, where K+LUSHA epic finds its roots in the cradle of textiles, just a few kilometres from Florence.


K+LUSHA is a brand that symbolizes the love between a man, K+, and a woman, LUSHA. Playful, mischievous, seductive, but also combative, intelligent and assertive. LUSHA is a woman who refuses to be pigeonholed, preferring to take on every role with style; she's not  a choice, she's a given. The K+LUSHA man is modern, K+ willingly lends her his wardrobe and plays with her different personalities. He likes to see his wife bloom like a flower for all to see.


Their mantra is to live happiness, not seek it. K+LUSHA reflects the life of its creator: free, without barriers, day or night. The brand is for all woman: child-woman, fighting woman, femme fatales, independent woman, but above all for those who are passionate and curious. Those who want to be surprised by being surprised themselves.

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