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​Since 2018, we, Belledonne, have been imagining, creating, and selling premium sneakers. Our products are manufactured in a family- owned factory near Porto, using carefully selected Italian materials.

We firmly believe in the idea of a more sustainable fashion industry. We strive to invest in local solutions, renowned craftsmanship, and enduring products. It is important to us that all the raw materials used in our products are sourced from locations less than 1,500km from Paris.


At Belledonne, our essence embodies that of a designer’s label. We place a strong emphasis on design and beauty throughout our entire creative process.


Our sneakers are deeply rooted in the rich legacy of sport apparel. We blend this heritage with contemporary lines and designs to create unique products. Many of our designs are inspired by iconic models from sneaker history, which we then reinterpret in our own distinctive way.

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