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“Color is surely the starting point of the image. It is the first disorder, the one that catches the eye. A shock.”

Sonia Rykiel

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1962 - SONIA RYKIEL’S first pieces appear in Laura, the multi-brand store run by Sam Rykiel.
“It started out as a bit of fun, because I fancied it. I’m very excessive and I could find nothing that suited me.That’s how in a way, I was forced to make my own clothes, because what was on offer at the time didn’t appeal to me.”

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1968 - Opening of the first Paris boutique at 6 Rue de Grenelle.

1970 - SONIA RYKIEL is elected one of the fifteen most “sensual” women the world. (Women’s Wear Daily, July 13, 1970)

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1972 - Sonia Rykiel is crowned “Queen of Knits” by Women’s Wear Daily.

1975 - SONIA RYKIEL reveals the architecture
of clothing; she exposes the seams: “Distractedly, I pulled on a sweater inside- out. Suddenly visible, the seams appeared like the arches of a cathedral.”

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1976 - Unveiling of the Spring-Summer collection presenting her philosophy of the “démode”: “I invented the “démode”. This means that fashion should come from the self and not from the rules.”

1993 - The Minister of Culture bestows on SONIA RYKIEL the insignia of officier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

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2008 - SONIA RYKIEL celebrates its fortieth anniversary. Thirty preeminent designers pay homage to Madame Rykiel, each designing their own vision of the Rykiel woman.

- Both the brand and the SONIA RYKIEL’S creations, are exhibited at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in an exhibition entitled: «SONIA RYKIEL, EXHIBITION».

2012 - SONIA RYKIEL receives the Grande Médaille de Vermeille de la Ville de Paris and the insigna of commandeur des Arts et des Lettres.

- SONIA RYKIEL joins Hong Kong group First Heritage Brands.

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2020 - Eric and Michel Dayan became the owners of the SONIA RYKIEL group


"There is something mysterious and extraordinary about knitwear," says Rykiel. "It breathes to the rhythm of the body."

Shocking and Bright

Sonia did not divide the fashion into "classic" and "youth": she believed that all women have the right to wear what they like, regardless of age. 

"Girls like bright things, girls want to show how happy they are."

Style "out of fashion" (Démode)

It is when a representative of the fair sex chooses clothes for herself, based on her preferences and features of the figure, and not the imagination of fashion designers.


Stripes are one of the most recognizable brand attributes

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