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Til Nadler. Gordon Giers. Hans Redlefsen. Three men, one decision: to only work with people they like. This spirit has shaped their philosophy since the start. And guarantees their clear vision. Then and now. As business partners, owners and friends.

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Founded in 1978 by Marithé and François Girbaud, Closed above all is a family. Since the beginning, Closed has remained a company with strong ties to its heritage. Striving for innovation decade after decade. Always setting new standards.

Sold to Hamburg-based business partners, today Closed is led by Gordon Giers, who is responsible for design and marketing, while Til Nadler manages distribution and Hans Redlefsen oversees the company’s finances. As a team, they’ve established a dynamic vision of the company: to always create sophisticated, high-quality designs – and to make every stage of the production process as sustainable as possible. Together with friends. Now and forever.

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Closed are famous for they denim. 

X-pockets have been around for more than 40 years.

And they’re here to stay!